Zobiba Workshops

Zobiba has many workshops that are created for your educational and motivational purposes. Some of the workshops are:-

Transforming From Here to There

Women In Leadership

Barriers To Success

Transforming Culture (Cultural Transformation)

Empowering the Mind and Body

Personal Image Development

Thriving In Unexpected Changes

How To Create the Best You

Youth Rebuilding Flavour

Children Exploration Bonanza

Mind Over Matter

Overcoming Failure

De-stressing Your Stress

Emerging to the Top

Monetizing Your Talents, Gifts & Potentials

How to Recover from Relational Loss

Preservation After Loss (Loss of Loved Ones)

Approach and Dating God's Way

Rules of Engagement

Betrayal, Denial & Abuse

Customer Service & Telephone Etiquette

Self Talk- A Method of Recovery

The Bold Speaker (Public Speaking)

Beauty For Ashes

I trust that some or all of these workshops will be useful to you, your organization, your friends and family members. More news coming up.

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