New company Zobiba Global Enterprise on the Horizon

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Fri, January 10, 2020

Zobiba Global Enterprise is a new company that was created by the Founder and President, Yvette Johnston. The company will have its global presence unveiled in the year 2020 at a date to be published.

Zobiba creates workshops to motivate people who include but are not limited to employees, employers, church leaders, community leaders, younger and older, as we see everyone as leaders.

Yvette has a zeal to see unemployed professionals in employed status as she found herself in similar situations. She also wants to see employed individuals making a difference in the lives of people who need help with getting to the position of being entrepreneurs or just excel in life. Yvette understands that if you only think it, it will not happen; however, if you think it, believe and work at it, favour will make it happen.

Keep watching for more information about Zobiba.

Until the next time.. Have a great Zobiba day!

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