Now, We Can Grow The Zobiba Community Together

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

With Zobiba Blog community, you are welcome to share your voice, fair opinions, suggestive solutions and constructive criticism. All are welcome.... but do not make a mess. Unclean, swear or vulgar words are unwelcome. We will keep everything professional, ethical and virtuous. Then, and then we can mature together as a global community. You are sharing your voice around the globe and your voice matters when you are professional. This is the only time your voice will be heard and you will make a difference.

What Are We Doing Here?

We are growing together as a global community and you will have fun growing with us. Any good tree planted firmly will grow and produce fruit for harvesting. Think of the workshops as the ground. We will root up, rebuild, refurbish and develop a strong foundation that will be indestructible. We are rebuilding on the greatness inside of each individual and further maintaining the greatness that is within each person.

Each workshop is creative, interactive, informative and educational. The workshops will assist with, and enable the growth potential that is embedded in each individual. Together, we will have fun with our creative minds.

"Creativity will take place when you let go of your fears and dive into the deep waters of rebuilding the best you." Yvette Johnston

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